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Forest School

Our goals are:

1. To help each child foster a deep relationship with themselves, with each other as a community and with the Earth. 

2. To promote wellness in mind, body and spirit.

3. To give children the gift of knowledge about the Earth and its living and non-living inhabitants.

Spending time in nature:

-Reduces stress, anger and aggression

-Enhances coordination and balance

-Encourages creativity, critical thinking and problem solving

-Strengthens bodies and immune systems

-Lengthens attention span and decreases ADHD symptoms

-Increases positive self-esteem

-Improves social skills

-Fosters a love for the Earth and desire to care for it

-Improves academic performance


Class schedule and outline

Mondays 11:30am -3:30 pm

August 29, 2022 – May 26, 2023

We follow the Alpine School District calendar


Class outline

Gather as a class

Hike to meeting area

Circle time + activities

    Each class period will have a nature-based theme and include skills, games,

    nature journaling and/or individual and group activities. Examples of themes

    may include edible plants, animal adaptations, the water cycle, etc.

Shared Meal

Free play

Hike back to pick-up area

Load gear and children



Tuition and Snack/Supply Fee

Tuition is $100 month (without transportation) $125 (with transportation), due by the first of each month. In addition to monthly tuition, there is a one-time $80 snack and supply fee due when the contract is signed. This will hold your child’s spot in the class. 


Payments can be made via Venmo @Heather-Zemp



We will provide a shared meal at each gathering. We will refer to your application for allergy information. It will consist of a starch (roll, muffin, or crackers), fruit & veggie, and cheese stick or cheese slice.  If you have any concerns about foods, please reach out. You are welcome to send food with your child if you think they may need more to eat or in the case of special diets or especially picky eaters..


Class Cancellation Policy

We are excited to spend every week in the forest with your children! However, we know that life is unpredictable and we allow ourselves 2 days of paid leave due to sickness or emergency.

Infrequently, we may experience severe weather and may cancel if weather is unsafe. 

If for any reason class is canceled beyond  those 2 days, tuition will be prorated the following month.

Please let Miss Heather know if you would be interested in substituting.

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